Social Media and Marketing Intern

About the Role

As a Social Media and Marketing Intern for GoSayHELLO, you will be responsible for driving awareness of this new startup and building relationships with like-minded companies! You will spread the word of GoSayHELLO at expos, events, and farmers markets in your area.

$20 an hour + Commissions (extra $50-100 per event) + Gas reimbursement
An average of 10 hours a week
Will mostly be working weekend events
Get experience in marketing and networking
Engage with DeFi, crypto and NFT communities daily through various online channels: Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc.
Increase the brand awareness and community engagement across
Listen, gather and share community's feedback and opinions with the team
Track community sentiment and provide actionable reports and recommendations
Respond to user questions, comments and concerns in a timely manner
Enforce strict community rules, identify and remove bots
Help build and scale data pipelines for a rapidly growing global organization
Help build social/community measurement, attribution, and modeling
Build and maintain BI/dashboards and reports and also respond to ad-hoc requests


  • An average of 10 hours a week

  • Flexible schedule.

  • Outgoing & social personality 

  • Must be a college student

  • Proven understanding of crypto, DeFi space

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience identifying and delivering helpful community content

  • Creative, strategic approach to community growth and engagement

About the Company

GoSayHELLO facilitates interaction between people, businesses, places, and events nearby. GoSayHELLO's mission is to be the #1 utility for in-person engagement by connecting users in close proximity with similar interests. GoSayHELLO's vision is to be the perfect platform that allows users to discover, engage, and connect with other users and businesses with similar interests in their current location be it university campuses, parks, community events, tourist sites, shopping malls, and even festivals. The platform strives to be a localized community building platform by connecting the right people in the right place at the right time.